La Maroquinerie will host the first SLCamp ever organised.

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SLCamp ParisLa Maroquinerie, a place in Paris, France, which has long been at the junction of intense economic exchanges ( the first working co-operative in particular was located there) educational and social meetings, will will host the very first SLCamp of the world on 21rst of July 2007 from 1PM to 6PM.

This event is inspired by BarCamps and consists in the meeting of people interested in new technologies, residents of immersive universes, Second Life lovers, marketing and communication experts, journalists, in short everyone willing to cooperate, exchange and learn about Second Life.

The agenda is not frozen and the topics will result from the proposals put forth by the participants.

Some of the participants have already suggested tackling the issues of Business Models in Second Life, marks implemented in Second Life and their feedbacks, technical evolutions of the metavers, cultural and international solidarity’s activities in SL…

Do you have ideas of issues that interest you to be developped? Do you want to take part to the first SLCamp as a speaker or a sponsor? Don’t hesitate to register on the SLCamp‘s Wiki.


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La Maroquinerie accueille le Premier SL Camp du monde! Pour des raisons de place…le premier SLCamp aura lieu au bar O’Sullivans le 21 juillet 2007 à Paris

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