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Philip Rosedale in Paris : transcript (Apr. 25, 2008)

Rosedale Paris

–And all the photos of the event on Community Chest Flickr or on Stéphane Desnault’s

Robert Vinet (R.V) : Let’s start. Our afternoon will be in 2 parts: one hour concerning a certain number of subjects with Philip and then the questions will be yours.

I would like to start thanking Mr Rosedale to be here : « Thank You Mr Chairman to be here! »

Philip is not the President of Linden Lab anymore, he’s Chairman. He is going to probably give us a vision of what it’s all about.

We suggested discussions to fall in 3 parts

1. The company: Linden Lab today, questions/answers

writes us, bills us, makes us angry, tries to help us …
2. Second Life’s platform
3. Vision/prospective/future of Second Life and where the Internet 3D is going,

All being followed by the bloggers’ questions.

Philip Rosedale (P.R) : when I was in high school, the first language I tried to learn was French. I was much better at programming computer…So today we will have to speak English.

Thank you very much its very nice to be here, I’m very happy to be there. I had the opportunity a couple of times to travel, to have people meet and speak about Second Life. It’s really great. It’s the biggest group of users I have ever spoken too when I was travelling. So thank you very much for coming !



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